Since its inception in 2001, ISO : 9001 registered Machine Tool Technologies has developed a range of services that has seen it evolve into the UK’s leading provider of technical support for machine tool users.

Machine Tool Technologies (also known as MTT) have committed significant resources into its graduate program to create a highly experienced and qualified team. We also work with some of the world’s most renowned names in the industry to develop the latest in measurement technology. In doing this we’ve generated a reputation as a technology leader in its sector. This in turn has led to it gaining an impressive portfolio of clients around the world.

Central to Machine Tool Technologies success is our independence. This allows us to freely work with a choice of academia and industry partners to develop the skills of our team, creating experts in the fields of metrology, mechanical and electronic principles. This pool of knowledge surrounding machine tool performance and accuracy is second to none. This skill base gives us a competitive edge which is reflected in the high level of service we provides to our clients.

We’re not just a service provider; we pro-actively works with clients to develop tailor-made solutions for both generic and unique technical problems. The long-term relationships that this engenders results in a much greater understanding of a customer’s needs. This in turn ensures that Machine Tool Technologies delivers the optimum service package; providing training and maintenance support.

“By working with some of the world’s most knowledgeable companies and universities we have developed an understanding of machine tool performance and accuracy that we are able to transfer to our clients through the wide range of services that we offer,”


Peter Willoughby,
Director Machine Tool Technologies.