MTT joins Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre

Machine Tool Technologies Ltd (MTT) has become a Tier 2 member of The Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre with Boeing. The AMRC is a world class research centre, focusing on advancing machining and materials research for the aerospace and other manufacturing sectors.

MTT are excited to use our machine tool assessment expertise to collaborate on the projects being carried out at the AMRC. Our machine tool performance and capability measurement process, MPEOM, will be used to assist in the research being carried out towards advancing manufacturing technology. Our MPEOM process uses the latest measurement technology to analyse machine performance and optimise machine tool capability.

Dr Sam Turner, Head of Process Technology Group and CTO at AMRC, said “The AMRC are delighted to have Machine Tool Technologies on board as a tier two partner, cementing a strong relationship built up over the last five years. A known and capable machine tool condition is at the heart of productive and robust manufacturing that underpins the AMRC mission and MTT are a leading UK company in machine tool measurement and maintenance. MTT will support the AMRC in rolling out best practice within the AMRC and to our partners and also provide a forward looking approach to machine tool maintenance, calibration and process control.”

The AMRC, founded by the University of Sheffield and Boeing, has over 70 member companies working on collaborative research projects. Their facilities include the landmark Rolls-Royce Factory of the Future building – a 6400 sq m facility which houses an open plan workshops, laboratory and office spaces. The workshop contains advanced machining centres and other manufacturing equipment, where new technologies and processes are being developed.

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