Bridge the gap between process requirement and machine capability…


Optimise your machine tools using Machine Tool Technologies turnkey Machine Performance Evaluate Optimise Monitor (MPEOM).

This unique process optimises machine performance and capability by identifying and eradicating the root causes of issues, rather than simply working around the symptoms.

To achieve this MPEOM makes use of the latest in measurement technology to pinpoint and quantify any machine tool errors. Using this information Machine Tool Technologies enhances the condition of the machine and develops planned maintenance routines. This ensures ongoing accuracy and productivity is maintained.


MPEOM is a lean approach to understanding, optimising and sustaining machine tool capability. It uses a holistic approach to quantifying and controlling machine accuracy, availability and reliability over the machine’s life-cycle.

Using MPEOM, Machine Tool Technologies use the latest metrology techniques to analyse existing machine performance. This information is then quantified, a plan of action developed, and the machine condition fully optimised. A forward plan of maintenance is developed to ensure ongoing accuracy and performance.

All of this is backed by our highly qualified and motivated team, which delivers industry leading standards in customer care. Through long-term partnerships with customers, we ensure that customers have full control of the efficiency of their machine tools.

The value of MPEOM in keeping machine tools operating accurately and efficiently is immeasurable.

For more details about the MPEOM process, please download the brochure here.