Mapping your spindle…

Spindle errors account for up to 30% of machine tool errors. Yet very few companies ultilise any sort of CNC/machine tool spindle analysis.

Here at Machine Tool Technologies we recognise the importance of monitoring spindle condition. Without this careful spindle analysis, you run the risk of a halt in production due to catastrophic spindle failure.

We can implement predictive maintenance schedules and provide customers with wide ranging spindle analysis packages.

All spindle analysis carried out by Machine Tool Technologies meets ISO 230 standard and all data gathered is presented to the customer in the form of a detailed report. The report creates a comprehensive characterisation of the spindle’s performance and capability. This can then be used as a comparison tool for all future analysis as part of the machine’s condition monitoring program.


The three key areas that MTT will test for are:

  • – Geometric errors due to mechanical imperfections and misalignment of spindle assemblies.
  • – Thermal errors as a result of internal and external heat sources.
  • – Vibration errors caused by the moving elements of a spindle assembly


For more details about the benefits of Spindle Analysis, please download the brochure here.